Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who are you and why should we use you as our jeweler?

Answer: I love making beautiful, custom jewelry that expresses the inpiduality and personality of my customers. I have the credentials and expertise to create any piece of jewelry that your heart desires.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in metal smithing and Jewelry Design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston Massachusetts
  • Certified by the American Gem Society
  • Gemological Institute of America’s diamond and colored gemstone courses
  • I have several years working experience in high-end jewelry sales increasing my own knowledge about the field and jewelry in general

Question: Where do I get my inspiration?

Answer: Everywhere throughout life; falling leaves (and the beautiful, random patterns they make on the ground), the phases of the moon, the night sky, birds’ feathers, the ground while hiking, the shoreline, rocks (a multitude of rocks) and the ongoing, touching textures of trees, rocks, and life.

Question: I’m getting married and we want rings that match our original personalities. How much time will you need?

Answer: Original designs take anywhere from 2-8 weeks (the average is 5 weeks). It will depend on what kind of design you want and sometimes the time of year can make a difference. If there is a need, I can sometimes rush a project as well, so don’t hesitate to contact me.


Question: I inherited jewelry but not sure what to do with some of it, can you work with what I have to make something new?

Answer: Absolutely! What a fun project for me. I love working with sentimental items and will be happy to help you, bring them to me and we can come up with a new piece (or pieces) for you. See my custom page for more information.

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