Custom Order Process



The pictures above show Meghan hard at work creating custom pieces for our clients. Sketches are a great place to start, it helps work out the design steps. From there cutting, forging, soldering, and gem setting are all part of the process. If the piece requires, we might use a wax casting process which picks up incredible details (some items we have imprinted from: finger/foot/paw prints, wood, rocks, seashells, and metal scroll work from heirlooms).

To define wax casting; we carve your piece in jeweler’s wax (a special hard wax that picks up detail) and then your piece is set up with sprues to a base and enclosed in a small steel pipe. Then a special investment (like plaster but it can withstand high heat) is poured in and the flask is put into a kiln and melted out. Finally, molten metal (gold/silver etc.) is put in where the space was left by the wax burning out.

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