How To Order Your Custom Design

Having something custom made for you should be a fun process! Here are a few things to think about: it is very helpful if you have an idea of what you might like to have made (ring, pendant etc), possibly what metal (gold, silver, mixed?) and if it will have gemstones involved (we have many options and they are all fair trade). Is the item for a special occasion or specific date? We can help from there; it just takes an email to start the conversation. It is also okay to contact us just because you like our style and we can help guide you through the design process.

It is possible for us to work with your sketches, or we can sketch for you till we get it right. Once a design and price are agreed upon, we can discuss time expectations and budget.

Recycled metal:

We are happy to use your gold (old rings, etc). Please know that we do use recycled metal whenever possible for our jewelry in an effort to reduce the draw on the environment.

Time frames:

Most jobs take anywhere from 2-8 weeks depending on complexity and gemstone availability. Rush jobs are an option but the integrity is never compromised.

When your piece is finished we will contact you and send you photos if you like. Once the balance (if any) is paid, we will ship the item to you insured for the full amount, with the carrier of your choice.

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