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Get your custom design started!

I have designed this easy form to help with custom work; it can take some of the guess work out of the start of a project.

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What you thinking about having designed (Ring, Necklace, Bracelet etc)? Remember, it is custom, so there are a lot of options when working with a metal smith.

Was there something on the website that inspired you or caught your eye in particular?

If this is a ring(s) what finger do you want to wear this one and what size(s) is that finger (if you can, please have a jeweler size your finger with both a narrow and wide sizer and send me both sizes *we can also get sizes further into the project if this is unknown).

If it is a necklace, do you have a favorite length of chain? (I default to 18” for women and 22” for men).

If it is a bracelet what is your wrist size? (please use a measuring tape).

Please explain any thoughts you have on the design in mind: metal choices, textures, or gemstone preferences. Feel free to be as descriptive as possible, it is all helpful.
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