Taking the Bench by Storm

This weekend, I was excited to get in the studio and play with metal so I could restock displays and stretch my artistic wings a bit. I have been wanting to create more of my celestial series (all based on the moon, planets and nighttime skies) and the best part is making new ones. Each piece is one of a kind design created within a theme.

The bench however, does look like a small copper and silver storm hit it at full force. I make every effort to start each day with a relatively clean bench but the right side of my brain took over and suddenly there was copper everywhere.  I think there must be a link between the right-side of the brain and creative messiness being good friends. I appreciate my left brain too, don’t get me wrong; I can run a business, do my own taxes {heck, do math at all,, and make an effort to keep the bench “functionally clean”. It’s a funny thing when inspiration hits though, and spending a day in the right side of my brain is just, well… right.

So I spent a lot of time cutting, hammering, and drilling metal. Basically being a bench goddess and trying to avoid the sharp edges and hot items (always a good measure). I will be posting new items in the next coming weeks, so keep an eye out for the product of said “Bench Storm”, and have a great week!


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